Study Abroad: Curacao and Puerto Rico

Sustainability at the Interface of Human and Natural Systems

How is sustainability shaped by human and natural systems? Why does geology matter for the develop of a nation?  Why are some islands devastated by hurricanes while others are resilient? Take part in a study abroad to the Caribbean to find out!

This new study abroad opportunity will be available for May 2019 and will allow ECU students to travel to Curacao and Puerto Rico to explore how environmental systems have shaped these societies and how societies have in turn impacted the environment.

This study abroad opportunity is being offered in partnership with Clemson University.

Scholarships sponsored by the National Science Foundation will be available to offset the travel costs of qualified ECU students.


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For more information please follow this link: Caribbean Study Abroad 

To register for the study abroad visit:

Faculty interested in getting involved in this study abroad in future should contact Stephen Moysey or David Mallinson at ECU.

Studying modern coral. (Check out a 360-degree view here!)
Studying ancient coral.
Studying the resources and industry built on that coral.